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We are Shelton Tactical Solutions LLC, bringing personalized attention to your firearms purchasing experience. Whether you are looking to make a special order, browse from our inventory or need assistance completing a private party or FFL to FFL transfer we are here to help.

Our mission is simple: Help guide our clients through their firearms and accessories transactions in a safe manner ensuring all federal, state and local laws are followed. 


Whether it's your first time making a purchase or you've been through the process before we know technology and laws are always changing. We will use our experience and knowledge to make sure you can make the purchase that is right for you.


We also know it can be a little intimidating purchasing a used firearm from a private party you may not know. We are a FFL transfer facility hosting a safe, secure place to make your purchase or sell your firearm ensuring all required background checks are completed and approved.

Why do we say “clients” and not “customers”? It’s simple, a customer is someone who may make a purchase one time and you may never see again but a client is someone you build a relationship with. We are here to help you, let’s s form a relationship together!

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